Event Coordinator Meeting, November 6, 2018

Calling all hikers, snow shoers, x-country skiers, planners, leaders, day-trippers, part-time walkers, photographers, nature lovers, cyclists, even if you have never led an event – there will be lots of help and mentors and co-trip leaders who would be delighted to come along with you.

This meeting is for all current CORE coordinators and any CORE members who are interested in becoming an event coordinator or just wishing to have some input on a particular trip.  The Executive Trip Coordinator will be holding an event coordinators meeting on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, from 7 pm to 9 pm.  Contact information is on the  CORE calendar.

And as a reminder to all current and new event coordinators, please review the EVENT COORDINATORS GUIDELINES  posted on the CORE website. These guides are a collection of “knowledge” representing years of experience of people seasoned in mountain recreation. They are meant to promote safety in our outdoor activities.

Members Corner

CORE Executive has agreed to have a “members corner” in the Newsletter.  This space is for all members to post personnel items to sale or buy, trips that you are planning and would like a companion, etc..  Please see the Members Corner section near the end of the newsletter for further details.

CORE Annual Christmas Weekend

Reminder of CORE’s Annual Christmas Weekend is November 30 to December 2, 2018.  Snowshoe and Cross country skiing activities are planned. Staying at the Inn of the Rockies – Harvie Heights/Canmore.  Please refer to CORE Calendar for more information.

CORE Twitter Feed Restored to the CORE Home Page

The CORE Twitter feed @corehike has been restored to the CORE Home page, with full 280 character and image capability. CORE communications for special events events, monthly presentations and weekly activities summaries, as well as occasional re-tweets of relevant outdoor-related posts (e.g. avalanche conditions, trail conditions) will now appear on the Twitter feed section of https://corehike.org/  .

CORE Photo Album

All CORE members participating in CORE activities are welcome and encouraged to post photos taken on your outings in the CORE website Photo Albums. There are Photo Management instructions on the CORE Guides web page. If you have any trouble uploading your photos, please ask the event coordinator or other experienced CORE member. Some guidelines when posting photos :

  • Post just the highlights of the event
  • No parking lot photos. We should not identify members vehicles
  • Do not post unflattering pictures of other members
  • If you mention a person’s name, use only the person’s first name

Contacting your Executive

CORE has a couple of purpose-oriented email addresses through which you can contact various executive members. If you have a general question about the club, for instance what activities are coming up, presenters planned, etc, please email us at mailbox@corehike.org. If it is a question about membership or joining the club, please direct your query to membership@corehike.org.

Remember that our CORE Executive members are volunteers who also have day jobs and a life outside of CORE, so please be patient if it takes a few days to respond to your queries.


October CORE Meeting – Presenting “Calgary’s Best Walks and Hikes” and Mountain Adventures 

October’s monthly meeting is on Tuesday, October 30 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Scarboro Community Centre, 1727 – 14th Avenue SW

It will feature : Lori Beattie owner of Fit Frog Adventures, a company that is dedicated to making the outdoors accessible to all. She guides Calgarians and tourists year-round through Calgary neighborhoods, on urban nature hikes, and into the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. Lori is author of the book Calgary’s Best Walks and Hikes and her latest book Calgary’s Best Walks, as well as Calgary’s Best Bike Rides and Trails. Lori has shared her favorite walks on CTV Morning and Breakfast TV and she will now share her latest book, as well as some adventures in the mountains, with members of CORE at our upcoming meeting.

Members and non-members alike are invited to attend.

If YOU have an idea for a presenter who may be willing to give us a talk on their adventures, please send their particulars along to the executive, and we’ll see what can be arranged.



October 2018

Here are a few highlights from the CORE calendar for September. Please visit the CORE photo albums for more pictures from recent activities.


September 23 Members at top of Overlook Rae Lake


September 23 Powderface Ridge Memorial Hike


September 30 Weaselhead hike group


October 5 Music Night Older than Dirt Band


October 7 Members at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, Cochrane



October 14 – 17 Core members turn out for Powderface Creek Prairie Link hike


October 20 Group members at Lake Minnewanka


October 21 Silver Springs Escarpment Hike


October 21 Staggered Pints at Triwood Community Centre



 Kananaskis Country 40 Years Old

The Alberta Government is putting 5.2 Million into Kananaskis Country to mark the 40th anniversary of the park. The park was officially opened September 22, 1978. Prior to 1978 the provincial government did not have an environmental plan for the crown land. Premier, Peter Lougheed recognized the importance of preserving the land for future generations to enjoy. The 5.2 million will be used to upgrade the Lower Kananaskis River and Barrier Lake area at the north end. Currently $700,000 is being used to restore Ha Ling Trail and three huts at Castle.

Conservationist calls for a cap on visitors to Banff National Park

A Banff conservationist is calling for a cap on the number of visitors to the national park. The amount of people is not only threatening the ecology of the park but the visitor experience as well. Especially the top attractions of Moraine Lake and Banff’s townsite. He believes the park needs to establish a limit on the number of people who visit the park on a given day. This could be done by setting up an online booking system.  Parks Canada stated 1.3 million people have passed through the gates in July and August of this year. Parks Canada is monitoring the situation, and currently has no plans for caps or quotas. They have put in bus shuttles to these attractions, and are having success with these alternative modes of transportation.

Friends of Fish Creek Speaker Series

Thursday – October 25, 2018 7 pm to 8 pm at Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre – presented by Julie MacDougall – Senior Parks Planner South Region Alberta Environmental and Parks – Topic on “The Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildlife Provincial Park” why the parks were established, and an overview of the conversation, wildlife, ecological values of the area and opportunities to work with the indigenous people to establish new recreational opportunities. Need to register thru Everbrite.

Nature Calgary Speaker Series And Annual Banquet

Nature Calgary’s Annual Banquet is November 10, 2018 featuring the wardens. For more information go to Nature Calgary’s Annual Banquet .

Speaker Series November 21 7.30pm to 9.30pm will feature Hannah Lucas from Oceanbridge.  Hannah also works full time at the Calgary Zoo. Presentation is on “How the Oceanbridge program is engaging youth across Canada to actively participate in waterway and ocean health and education.”   For more information go to Nature Calgary’s Speaker Series

Canmore Nordic Ski Club – Swap and Consignment


Saturday, November 3, 2018, 9:00am – noon, Bill Warren Training Centre   Early Bird Tickets : $20 per person purchased at Consignee Drop-Off. Limited to 100 tickets.


Sunday, November 4, 2018, from 10:00 am to noon,  9 am for early bird tickets – Bill Warren Training Centre.  For more information go to Canmore Nordic Ski Club website

Foothills Nordic Centre – Lifesport Ski Swap and Consignment

October 27 to October 29, 2018   Friday 4 pm to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. Consignments now being accepted. Location 1110 Gladstone Rd NW. For more information go to Lifesport Ski Swap

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Feature films, photography and books on mountain culture, including mountain art and craft sale, music and free events. Starts October 27 at 10am, to November 4, 2018 at the Banff Centre.  For more information go to Banff Mountain Film and Festival

Trailhead Parking Security

It has been reported that car break-ins and theft has been happening at trail-head parking lots. Be sure to lock up your belongings and ensure nothing is visible when you leave your vehicle to mitigate the visibility of tempting items for thieves.

Trail Closures


A contest to encourage member readership of the CORE newsletter was started in August and will continue for the September, October and November issues. There will be a prize awarded at the the CORE Christmas party in November. Each month, there will be a quiz question related to some clue buried within the newsletter. Collect all four clues to participate in the contest at the Christmas Party (November 27), and winners names will be put in a draw for a prize. The Executive has put aside a MEC gift certificate, so stay tuned, folks.




  • Must be a CORE member
  • Cannot be a member of the Executive (insider knowledge etc.)
  • Must be in attendance at the CORE Christmas Party

October Newsletter clue: “How many meters approximately, should you be away from the bear for the spray to work effectively?” The answer is in the “Hither and Yon” section of the October Newsletter.


Members Corner 

The Members Corner section of the CORE Newsletter is meant to allow CORE Members to connect with other members of like interest, or to seek or sell outdoor equipment. Please submit any request to mailbox@corehike.org and include your contact info for interested parties to contact you. No photo’s of items will be posted on CORE newsletter. Also, please keep your words to a minimum (50 words or less).  Please note that the CORE Newsletter is in the public domain, and that by submitting a request, you give permission to CORE to publish your contact information thus provided. CORE will not act as intermediary in any resulting transactions. All members who submit any request have relinquished CORE from any and all liabilities, claims, suits, and causes of action, and property (including loss of use or damage) on the part of the CORE club (individually or collectively).

For sale – pair of metal-edged XC skis with bindings. Length 185 CM. Well used. Waxable. Selling for $20. Contact Stu at studotocox@gmail.com for more info/photos, or come to the October 30 members meeting to have a look. 


Adventure Stories

For all CORE members, this spot is for you. If you have a little story to tell about something you’ve seen on a CORE outing, or some article or book you may have read that you would like to share, please send it along and we’ll publish it in the next newsletter. Keep it to a couple paragraphs, and stick to topics related to the outdoors or the environment.  mailbox@corehike.org







Hither and Yon

 TOP Larch Hikes in Bragg Creek, Banff, Kananaskis Country and Calgary

Bragg Creek: 1. Prairie Mt Trail   2. Elbow Valley to Riverview Trail  3.  Boundary Ridge Trail  4. Strange Brew Trail  5.  Ranger Summit Trail

Banff:  1.  Taylor Lake  2. Saddleback Trail  3. Lake Agnes  4. Arnica Lake  5. Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass

Kananaskis Country:  1. Mt Loretta Ponds  2. Chester Lake  3.   Burstall Pass  4. Rawson Lake  5. Ptarmigan Cirque

Calgary: 1. Confederation Park  2. Edworthy Park  3. Fish Creek Provincial Park  4. Nose Hill Park  5. Weasel head Flats


 Bear Spray

Whether you are hiking, biking, picnicking, camping, trail running or paddling in any provincial or national parks, you do not know if you will meet up with a bear or other wildlife. You should be prepared by carrying bear spray.  It can help reduce serious injury if you are in an aggressive bear or wildlife attackUsing bear spray is the last resort.

Bear Spray is a non-lethal, non-toxic deterrent that causes temporary eye tearing and respiratory distress to the animal. It is a deterrent containing capsaicin.

The cannister releases a cone shaped cloud of pepper spray to a distance of approximately 5 m and at a speed of over 100 km/hr..

Before you hit the trails, read the instructions, carry in a holster you can reach with your dominant hand. Practice using the spray to become familiar with the spray radius and your reaction time, and to ensure the can is working properly.

Remove the safety clip and aim for the bears face, ensure nozzle is pointing away from you. Give quick one second bursts until the bear retreats and leaves immediately.

Link to Video by Parks Canada demonstrates “How to use bear spray”:


….see you on the trails …