CORE Calendar – Introduction

CORE members: The Calendar is for posting events sponsored by CORE, or organized by a CORE event coordinator. Please do not use the Calendar as a bulletin board for advertising outside events.

Please note that this is a free calendar, and subject to random ADs. Don’t confuse them with the actual Calendar Posting subject matter.

If you would like to become new event coordinator or would like some information on coordinating,  please contact the Executive Trip Coordinator by sending an email to before planning and posting an event.

All event coordinators are encouraged to read the Coordinator Guidelines.

To view and download the CORE Calendar Posting instructions with graphics, please click here.

Basic directions:

  1. From the CORE Homepage, click on Activities, then Event Calendar.
  2. Type the CORE password into the box on the next screen; hit enter.
  3. Find the date for your event on the Calendar, hover over the number, and double click, e.g., for June 11, click on the “11”. (Make sure you are on the correct month.) The following screen will appear.
  4. At the top of the page, set the starting time for the event and the end time. (Remember, this is the 24 hour clock, so 1 p.m. become 13:00.)
  5. Ignore the “All Day?” and “Repeat” boxes.
  6. In the Event text box, type in the name of the event: e.g., Barrier Lookout Hike, Then add the following details: total distance, elevation gain and CORE rating, i.e., Easy, Moderate or Difficult.
  7. Click on the down arrow in the Category box, choose from the dropdown menu, e.g., hiking.
  8. In the Details box, type in a description of the event and feature some of its highlights. Indicate the coordinator or coordinators. Let members know how to register for the event, Coordinators can provide their email addresses, and/or their phone or cell numbers.
  9. Click in the “Colors: BG box” (stands for background) and a wide spectrum of colours will appear. Simply hover the mouse over the colours and click somewhere in the spectrum.
  10. Then click in the FG: box, and the same “colour spectrum” will appear. Look for the narrow box on the right that ranges from white at the top to black at the bottom. Slide the little arrow down to black at the bottom, and then click anywhere on the screen. The FG: box will be black with white letters, which is perfect. The Example Text box will show black letters. (Note: If you choose a very dark colour for the BG: box, you should choose a white font for the lettering.).
  11. Next, click on Create Event box, and wait a few seconds, then click on the yellow View Calendar box at the top, and check to see if your event has appeared on the Calendar and decide if you need to make any corrections to your post.

How to Edit/Cancel a Calendar Post, and Send it Out by Notification

Once you have created your new event posting, you can either edit it, cancel it, or send it out by email notification using the following steps:

  1. Double click once again on the calendar date for your event, e.g., for June 11, click on the number “11”.
  2. The Existing Events screen will appear.
  3. Click on the Edit box.
  4. The Edit Event screen will show up next. Make any corrections that are necessary to the posting, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Where it says: Email notification, type in
  5. Then scroll back up and find the green Replace Event box. Click that box and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.
  6. Lastly, check your own Email Inbox to see if the event was successfully sent out by email.
  7. You can also use steps 1 to 3 to cancel an event. In the Event text: box, type Event Cancelled. Leave the rest of the text in the box as is.
  8. Next look for the Delete button, and click.