CORE COVID, Car Pooling and Health Safety Policy for Winter 2023

CORE currently has no COVID restrictions in place. However, we continue to ask our members to abide by all provincial health regulations.  (see reference links below for AB and BC policy). We do this in support of our government agencies, our health care system and the overall health of our community. Since the outdoors seems to be a safe way for people to gather, we are committed to bringing members together for community, connection and exploration.

Coordinator and Participant Guidelines

Do NOT sign up or attend an event if you are sick, even with a cold or the common flu, in consideration of the health and safety of others.

Carpooling Allowed

  1. Coordinators are allowed to arrange carpooling, if they feel comfortable. For those who prefer not to arrange carpooling, they should suggest a meeting place in the city and provide a list of those participating in the event. That will allow participants to arrange their own carpooling from the meeting place. If there is anyone on the event who is happy coordinating carpooling in their stead that would be good.
  2. Coordinators should endeavor to provide a trail head meeting place. A trail head meeting place may be somewhere near the trail head with the intention to convoy the last part of the journey.
  3. Some drivers may prefer that passengers wear masks.
  4. Please assess your own comfort level with carpooling, and act accordingly.

Trip Coordinators – the paperwork

Trip/event coordinators must collect contact phone numbers and emergency contact information from each participant, prior to the event, and bring that information to the event (in the form of a Trip Report).