Choosing an Event

Please familiarize yourself with our rating system. Remember it’s not just a matter of distance and elevation: The total climb could be significantly greater than the elevation gain given in the calendar due to undulating terrain.  Also note that factors like trail maintenance and seasonal conditions can contribute to the difficulty of some events.

Your physical condition, experience, and equipment are important factors when selecting an event. Be honest with yourself.  If an activity is new to you, you may want to start with an easy rating level. Do not select an event beyond your ability. Coordinators have the right to exclude your participation in an event if they think you do not have the ability or correct equipment.

Members are encouraged to check the calendar regularly to obtain up-to-date information on events including coordinator contact information, additions to the schedule, changes or cancellations.


Check the calendar regularly to obtain up-to-date information.  Click on events in the calendar display for a popup window with further details including coordinator contact information, meeting times, restrictions, etc. Ask the Coordinator any questions that may help you understand if the event is what you think it is and whether it is appropriate to your abilities and what you need to prepare for or bring to the event. Additional guidelines:

  • Try to register early, preferably at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Provide the coordinator with a phone # you can be reached at in case of last minute changes.
  • Please do not call coordinators after 9 PM any day.
  • Remember that some events may have a limit on the number of participants.
  • If the Coordinator does not know your ability, be prepared to answer some questions in that regard.
  • Inform the coordinator if you wish to bring children and/or dogs on the trip.  It is up to the coordinator to decide whether the trip is suitable for children or dogs.
  • It is advisable to inform the Coordinator of any medical condition you have that could affect your participation in the event.
  • The Coordinator will tell you when and where to meet.
  • If the time and place are given in the calendar, do not assume that this means you can simply show up and go.
  • Arrive at the meeting place before the designated departure time.
  • If the Coordinator cancels or changes the event, he or she will attempt to contact everyone who has registered and provided their phone #.
  • Please inform the Coordinator as soon as possible if you decide not to participate.