Thinking of becoming a CORE Member?

CORE has about 180 members and was started in 1999. Our primary activities are hiking and snowshoeing though we also have active participation in scrambling, urban walks, cycling, skiing, camping, and social events.

We are a registered Society under the Alberta Societies Act.

We invite you to explore our many photo albums and sample trips showing our club in action to see who we are, where we go, and what we do. If you need additional information, please contact us or attend our monthly meeting.

What Are The Benefits of Belonging to The C.O.R.E. Society?

As a member of the CORE Society, you can:

  • Participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities with like-minded people who are passionate about the outdoors
  • Easily meet and get to know other members because CORE is a smaller more intimate club
  • Increase and maintain your fitness level, year-round
  • Attend informative monthly presentations on all things related to outdoor activity
  • Find out what’s new on the events calendar by receiving an automatic e-mail notification
  • Receive a monthly newsletter with content on outdoor safety tips and plans for club activities
  • Attend at least two social events per year (Christmas party and AGM) with free food and drinks
  • Participate in other special events or social outings, such as movie nights, dining out, tennis, art walks, etc.
  • Offer to give a presentation at a monthly meeting of your travel adventures
  • Learn a new outdoor sport, such as cross-country skiing or scrambling
  • Explore the beauty and awe-inspiring scenery of nature’s playground right at our back door
  • Get CORE sponsored courses to help you enjoy the outdoors even more

Our Mission

To provide a welcoming cohesive organization within which adult members can participate in the responsible enjoyment of outdoor recreation, primarily hiking.  Members participating in group activities shall be cooperative, safety-conscious and committed to group participation;  originality, initiative and enthusiasm are appreciated and encouraged.

Still have questions?

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Click Here to contact us with any questions, or to attend our next monthly meeting