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CORE currently has about 100 members and was started in 1999. Our primary activities are hiking, urban walks, cycling, cross country skiing and snowshoeing, although we also have periodic participation in  scrambling, skiing, camping, and social events.

We are a registered Society under the Alberta Societies Act.


We invite you to explore our many photo albums and Event Calendar showing our club in action to see who we are, where we go, and what we do. If you need additional information, please contact us by email. You can also visit our Facebook group where members can post their adventures with CORE.

How to Join and What to Expect

To join CORE please fill in the online form on the Join Now page. Once you Submit the form, you will receive an automatically-generated confirmation email at the address you filled in on the form. Please retain. You can then proceed to the CORE Membership/Fees Payment page to select the correct fee (e.g. Single or Family membership) and “Add to Cart” to proceed to the payment page where you can pay electronically using PayPal or a credit card option.

If you choose to pay manually, then you can print out the confirmation email you received and mail it with your cheque to the CORE mailing address listed on the About Us page:

CORE does not maintain an office and Executive members only meet monthly, so allow 2-3 weeks response time if you pay your fees using snail mail.

If you have paid electronically, then the CORE Membership person will respond by email within 2-3 days with your membership card, the members’ password to the events calendar, and some instructions on how to use the CORE website and events calendar.

How does a New Member Join Events?

There are detailed instructions under the Guides dropdown menu for Registering for Events and Participating in Events. However, here are some basics:

  • It is your responsibility as a member to go to the CORE Event Calendar and decide what events you would like to join. Note that events are often planned on fairly short notice, so check the calendar frequently. If you signed up for Calendar Event Notification emails when you filled in your membership form, you will also receive an alert when a new event is posted on the calendar.
  • The organizer will have included their email address and/or phone number in the Event posted on the Calendar. Contact the organizer, leave your phone number so you can be contacted in case of a  change of plans. Feel free to ask the organizer about the event if you are not sure of your ability to participate.
  • Choose events you are confident in completing. Leaving the group part way through is not a good idea, due primarily to safety concerns, and would mean that others in the group would have to go with you.
  • The organizer will normally return your email or call and indicate where the meeting place is (car pool or trail head).
  • Most of the time there is plenty of room to join an event – rarely waiting lists.
  • Arrive at the meeting place a few minutes early, or call the organizer if you are going to be late.

What Are The Benefits of Belonging to The C.O.R.E. Society?

As a member of the CORE Society, you can:

  • Participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities with like-minded people who are passionate about the outdoors
  • Easily meet and get to know other members because CORE is a smaller more intimate club
  • Increase and maintain your fitness level, year-round
  • Attend informative periodic presentations on all things related to outdoor activity 
  • Find out what’s new on the events calendar by receiving an automatic e-mail notification
  • Receive periodic newsletters with content on outdoor safety tips and plans for club activities
  • Attend at least two social events per year (Christmas party and AGM) with subsidized (sometimes free) food and drinks 
  • Participate in other special events or social outings, such as movie nights, dining out, tennis, art walks, picnics, etc.
  • Offer to give a presentation at a monthly meeting of your travel adventures 
  • Learn a new outdoor sport, such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or scrambling
  • Explore the beauty and awe-inspiring scenery of nature’s playground right at our back door
  • Get CORE sponsored courses to help you enjoy the outdoors even more

Member Discounts

From time to time CORE may arrange special discounts for club members from local sports equipment retaillers or resorts/hotels etc. Watch the CORE calendar for any deals that may arise.

Membership Card

Upon receipt of your annual membership applcation you will receive your membership card by email. If you need help in accessing or finding your membership card, email the CORE membership coordinator at and she/he will help you obtain Proof of Membership.

Still have questions about CORE?

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