Photo Uploading

Open or download the “How to Upload CORE Photos” file for exact instructions.

… but please read the photo posting etiquette guidelines below before you do.

Privacy notes:

  • When adding titles or comments to posted pictures, please respect your own and other peoples’ privacy. Restrict names to First Name & optional last name initial (e.g. Frederika W.)
  • Don’t post photos that are unflattering or too closeup and personal.
  • Avoid posting photos that could identify participants, such as vehicle images showing license plate numbers

Policy: When leaving a photographic record of your outing, please limit the number of photos, and avoid duplicates. Being concise these days is a virtue, so choose photos that make the best story of your terrific outing in as few pictures as possible.

There are several ways that you can upload photos to the CORE Fotki albums, both from the perspective of how you organize your photos on your personal computer, and the different tools that Fotki provides for account holders (e.g. COREhike) to upload photos. The steps described here represent just one (Drag and Drop) of the Fotki tools available. You may try others. If you do create a misplaced folder or album in the process, please email the CORE webmaster, and she/he will do their best to correct it.

Note:  Avoid using Fotki’s “Order Print” or “Order Postcard”; download the picture instead.  See “Photo Downloading” section for instructions (and the reason why “Ordering” doesn’t work.)

Photo Downloading

Note: We’ve observed that it’s not a good idea to order CORE photo prints via Fotki, due to the fact that CORE’s Fotki site is “tied” to an internal CORE E-mail address (i.e. and not yours) — thus you won’t see the confirmation E-mails. 

Instead, if you want a photo printed, download the full-res version from the Fotki/CORE website, put it on a flash drive or similar device, and take it to London Drugs (or wherever) or some online service where you have a private account.


1.    Select the Photo from a particular album. E.g.:

2.    Select the “Download Original File” icon (down arrow) on the Fotki tool bar above the photo. This will download the hi- res picture file if the author originally uploaded a hi-res picture (note to CORE photo takers, if you have some really good hi-res photos that you want upload, do so without fear, CORE pays for the privilege.). Note that if the original photo was not hi-res, then the “Download Original File” symbol will not appear.

3.    Right click on the photo and “Save Image As” to your computer (e.g. Save it to a temp folder on your PC).

4.    Drag it to a memory stick and take it to your fave print shoppe or online service.