CORE’s Standard Carpool Meeting Places are mapped below. Generally, car pools are formed at the meeting place in the city.  Passengers are expected to contribute to the cost of the trip and to pay their share to the driver upon returning to Calgary.

Car pool $contribution rate revised by C.O.R.E executive January, 2023

The guideline is to contribute per kilometre multiplied by two times the distance, from the meeting place to the trailhead, divided by the number of people and pets in the car. This is a rule of thumb; some drivers may request more or less, depending on the type of vehicle.

Set rate: $0.30 per km

This rate is based on the overall cost of running a vehicle, and will be reviewed on a periodic basis.

Remember the golden rule.  Your driver went out of his or her way to transport you safely on the outing, sometimes over dusty or slushy roads. Normally people like to pay a rounded amount –so if you should pay $13.10, the driver may round that to perhaps $10 if he/she is feeling generous – or perhaps $15. Please consider that drivers may appreciate help with a car wash or a portion of a park pass cost.

Car pool participants should also try to maximize the number of people per vehicle. For instance, if there are 10 people, try for a 3 + 3 + 4 mix, not a 4 + 4 + 2 mix.

Note: CORE will not allow children to participate in any carpool. Parents will be responsible for transporting their own children.

Make sure that you are at the meeting place a few minutes ahead of the scheduled departure time to assist in the arranging of the carpooling. The Trip Coordinator has the option of noting the distance from the parking lot to the trailhead and can mention the appropriate contribution per vehicle at the trailhead.

It would be appreciated if all members who have vehicles take their turn at driving. For special expeditions where the distance makes the standard car pool rate prohibitive, it is up to the trip planner, participants who choose to drive and their passenger(s) to come to some mutually agreed cost.

Example Calculation:

Suppose you measured 97km. from Calgary to the trailhead (or from the trailhead back to Calgary).

So your total distance is 2 x 97 = 194km

Your reimbursement for the car should be 194 x $0.30 = $58.20 (round up to $60)

If you have 4 people in the car each person (including you, the driver) will pay (roundup)$60/4 = $15

If you have 3 people in the car, each person pays (roundup)$60/3 = $20

Pre-calculated Carpool rates for various trailhead destinations

Car Pool Maps – Click the map to open the location in Google Maps Satellite view.

Edworthy Park North Parking Lot.

Edworthy Park North Parking Lot [click for Google Map]

Edworthy Park is accessed from Bowness Road NW at the intersection with Shaganappi Trail NW.

Option for CORE events at Edworthy Park or for heading west on Hwy 1. Limited parking space and very busy. Meet in the NE corner of the parking lot.

Home Road Shouldice Park n Ride Lot

Home Road Shouldice Park n Ride Lot [click for Google Map]

Well located for heading west on Hwy 1. Sheltered and generally lots of space. The parking lot is at the southern end of Home Road NW, just south of Highway 1 (16 Ave).

The meeting location is in the parking lot RIGHT BESIDE THE BIKE PATH AND BOW RIVER.

Petro Canada/Twp Rd 245A – Highway 1 West

Petro Canada Park and Ride [click for Google Map]

This location near the Petro Canada station at the junction of Hwy 1 West and Hwy 22. Park at the north end of Twp Rd 245A, accessible by taking the exit north towards Cochrane. A convenient meeting spot for people coming from Cgy deep south or from Cochrane. Dusty in the summer, icy in the winter.

A&W at Signal Hill

A&W at Signal Hill [click for Google Map]

The parking lot is easily accessed from Sarcee Trail as well as Richmond Road. Convenient to get onto Sarcee and Hwy 201 to go west or south.

Be courteous, park away from restaurant patron spots.

Heritage Park South Parking Lot by the buy H

Heritage Park Big “H” parking lot [click for Google Map]

The parking lot is on the south side of Heritage Drive SW, just west of 14th Street SW. Convenient for heading south of Calgary including Highway 2, Turner Valley, and Longview

The meeting location is in the western portion of the parking lot by the Big “H”

Note: Sections of the parking lot are reserved for Calgary Health as noted on the parking signs. Please observe those restrictions to avoid being fined or towed.

Lowes Parking lot at Cross Iron Mills

Lowes at Cross Iron Mills [click for Google Map]

The meeting location is in the parking lot on the NORTH side of Lowes. Park away from customer parking.

Convenient for trips east of Calgary including Drumheller and north on Hwy 2.