Stonecrop in Full Bloom

Stonecrop in Full Bloom

At our July 25 monthly CORE meeting, Julie Walker of Full Circle Adventures will be giving a presentation about our local wildflowers. We’ll learn how so many of our native wildflowers play a key role in the food forest for wildlife and humans. The plants of Southern Alberta are the key focus and the ecological influences that have affected them and how they are under threat by changes to the foothills landscape.

Julie has been an outdoor educator and guide for over 25 years in Southern Alberta and her company Full Circle Adventures has been running since 2004.



If you want to learn more about Ms. Walker and what she has to offer, you can contact her at:

Sweet Jacob's Ladder

Sweet Jacob’s Ladder

Julie Walker, Owner/Program Director and Guide

Full Circle Adventures



Purple Virgin's Bower (Clematis occidentalis) - sc

Purple Virgin’s Bower (Clematis occidentalis) – Fullerton Loop – sc

In the meantime, let’s have a little contest and see who can name the most flowers that we see out on the trails. When you are out hiking, take some photos of interesting flowers, title them with the name of the flower (common name is fine, scientific name optional), where you saw it, and your initials (see example to the left). Then post it to the CORE photo album for that hike. Since we quite often combine photos by different participants into a single photo album for a given hike, please include your initials, and make sure the person who set up the photo album includes your name in the album credits (you can edit this yourself in the album description). We will only count 2 photos per participant per album, and no duplicates, so please don’t post every flower you saw, or put your initials on just the 1 or 2 you want counted. We’ll count from the beginning of June until the weekend of July 22/23.  The CORE webmaster will recuse himself from the competition, but all other CORE members are eligible. There is no prize promised (yet), but the winner will receive the admiration and adulation of their fellow club members.

To help you identify flowers, here are some useful links:

List of wildflowers of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Alberta WOW – Alberta Wildflowers

Index to Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies and nearby foothills, prairies, and the Waterton-Glacier area

We’ll announce the winner at the July 25 CORE meeting (watch the CORE home page for time and place).

If you haven’t figured out yet how to post or add pictures to the CORE photo albums, you can email the photos (best resolution) to your hike leader, she/he should be able to get them uploaded for you. There are also instructions at this link on the CORE website:

And if you are totally new to CORE and don’t know where to find the Photo Albums, look in the dropdown under Activities along the top of the CORE Home page at

To those of you who are already labeling your photos  with a short description of where/what it represents, thank you. It makes the albums much more interesting.

…..enjoy, and see you on the trails….

CORE Webmaster Stu