Most of the current executive have served on the board for several years, and we’ve all enjoyed contributing to running the club. It is a very rewarding experience, and we’d really like to encourage other club members to take on some of the executive roles. Please feel free to talk to members of the current executive to find out what the jobs entail, and let us know if you would like to be nominated for a position at the AGM in May.

What Does the Executive do?

The Executive meets once a month to report on the various projects we’ve undertaken, and plan activities throughout the year. Here are some of the activities we’ve worked on during the 2016/2017 club year:
  • —Arranged for the interesting presenters at the monthly meetings
  • —Streamlined CORE Website navigation
  • —Improved the membership tracking tools
  • —Kept the accounts
  • —Represented CORE with other Alberta Outdoor councils
  • —Designed a 6 foot Banner for club displays
  • —Ran an Avalanche Safety course
  • —Provided an Outdoor First Aid Course
  • —Organized MEC night presentations and discounts
  • —Revamped Special Event Fund guidelines
  • —Proactively filled the Winter 2017 calendar
  • —Surveyed our members about their meeting night preference
  • —Researched material for the monthly newsletter

What Role Can I Play if I Join the Executive?

All positions on the Executive are open for nomination by the membership at the AGM. If you have had experience in one of the roles before, please feel free to put your name forward. If you are not sure what the role entails, have no fear! The person currently in that role will ensure a smooth handover to you, and can always provide some support if you have any questions throughout the ensuing year. Here are the current executive positions:

  • —Chairperson
  • —Co-Chairperson
  • —Secretary
  • —Treasurer
  • —Membership Coordinator
  • —Executive Trip Coordinator
  • —Communications Coordinator
  • —Presentations Coordinator
  • —Webmaster
  • —Member-at-Large for special projects

For more information, talk to one of the executive members at the next CORE club meeting, or email one of us directly. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.