Your CORE executive is working on a couple projects to improve the club experience and promote safety.

Courses: The Peterman fund pays for some courses each year. We are currently making plans for a wilderness first aid course, to be held in the March/April 2017 time frame. Watch for it and take advantage of this club benefit.

Club Banner: Plans are taking shape to have a club banner made that we can show at display booths.  It will feature our logo and a collage of past event photos. That collection of potential PICs is collected in a  CORE photo album at http://public.fotki.com/corehike/2016/core-banner-photos/

If you have a privacy concern where you may not want your picture displayed in a public forum, please contact a member of the CORE executive, indicate which photo you object to, and we’ll remove it from the mix.

Event Planning: We’ve heard your comments that our calendar needs more and a wider variety of events.  As a volunteer club, it depends on you the members to come out, suggest outings you would like go on, and potentially start leading hikes, snowshoe trips etc. So this year at the Christmas Party in November, we’re going to seek your input on activities you would like to participate in and trails you’d like to explore. So bring your ideas, and if you would like to start leading some come club outings, seek out our  Executive Trip coordinator David V.

And now, on with the show……

August-September 2016 ACTIVITY SCOREBOARD

We’ve had a great late-Summer and Fall season. From August 19 to September 30 there were 21 outings posted on the calendar, from urban walks and social dining, to mountain hikes and scrambles.

A few highlights:

Aug 20 - Hailstone Butte

Aug 20 – Hailstone Butte

Aug-24 Fisera Ridge

Aug-24 Fisera Ridge

Sept 1 Silver Springs Botanical Gardens

Sept 1 Silver Springs Botanical Gardens

Sept 10 - Black Prince Tarns

Sept 10 – Black Prince Tarns

Sept 18 Fullerton Loop Memorial Hike

Sept 18 Fullerton Loop Memorial Hike

Sept 24 - Three Lakes Valley

Sept 24 – Three Lakes Valley

September 2016 Club Meeting

The September members meeting  featured Autumn in Quebec and Gaspesie, a slideshow by CORE member Jeanette about a 2013 trip to Gaspe/Quebec.

October 2016 Club Meeting

HALLOWEEN PARTY : Due to a double booking at the community centre we’ve had to change the date of the monthly meeting. Instead of the usual presentation we are hosting a Halloween party – same place (1727 14th Avenue S.W.) and time of 7:00 on Friday OCTOBER 28. CORE will provide beverages and some food but are asking for people to bring a Halloween treat if they wish. For more information, please see the CORE calendar.

Random Stuff

Contacting your CORE Executive

Members are welcome to contact your Executive via email. Our email addresses are available on the Executive Contact Info page on the CORE website. Use your Member password to access.

A Random Poem

This poem is a bit ahead of schedule, but it does remind us Fall is coming. Enjoy your October…
Show’s over, folks. And didn’t October do
A bang-up job? Crisp breezes, full-throated cries
Of migrating geese, low-floating coral moon.
Nothing left but fool’s gold in the trees.
Did I love it enough, the full-throttle foliage,
While it lasted? Was I dazzled? The bees
Have up and quit their last-ditch flights of forage
And gone to shiver in their winter clusters.
Field mice hit the barns, big squirrels gorge
On busted chestnuts. A sky like hardened plaster
Hovers. The pasty river, its next of kin,
Coughs up reed grass fat as feather dusters.
Even the swarms of kids have given in
To winter’s big excuse, boxed-in allure:
TVs ricochet light behind pulled curtains.
The days throw up a closed sign around four.
The hapless customer who’d wanted something
Arrives to find lights out, a bolted door.


See you on the the trails…