CORE Adventure Articles:

  • CORE Planned Summer Activities and Events Below is a capture of the CURRENT planned hikes and other summer activities for July and August. These can change due to additions, date changes or cancellations due to weather, so members should always check the calendar.
    ….enjoy and see you on the trails…

    Jun 28
    19:30 – 20:30
    MEC Bike Maintenance 101 – Fix a Flat

    Jun 29
    03:30 – 06:30
    Booze, broads and brothels historical urban walk- 4 km – …

  • CORE’s Summer Calendar CORE event leaders have planned out a good selection of summer events, including hikes, urban walks, scrambles. bike trips and some tennis afternoons. There will no doubt some further events posted, so members, keep an eye on the calendar.


    09:00 – 14:00


    10:00 – 15:00

    Bike ride, Cgy to Chestermere via irrigation canal 33kms, (E/M)

    18:30 – 20:00

    Confederation Park (easy)


    09:00 – 17:00

    Karst Spring Hike …

  • CORE 2018-2019 Winter Schedule CORE’s event coordinators have done some pre-planing for activities this winter. These of course will depend on weather and the amount of snowfall. And more trips will be posted sometimes on short notice, so, members, please please keep an eye on the CORE Activities Event Calendar for updates. CORE members are encouraged to participate in organizing and leading events, whether they be forays into mountain …
  • Pat’s Awesome Ice Climbing Adventure After seeing a Calgary Mountain Club ice climbing presentation with Will Gadd (awesome mountaineer/ice climber/nice man), another CORE member and I thought it would be a great idea to take an ice climbing course.  I had no climbing experience at all, but what the hey? Soooo I posted a class from the U of C on the CORE calendar and had 2 other people sign …
  • Backcountry Greenhorns Backcountry greenhorns keep rescuers scrambling in Kananaskis (Reprinted from the Kananaskis Country Facebook Public Safety Section, Aug 25, 2017). Inexperienced backcountry hikers have K-Country rescuers hopping, with an astonishing 19 people needing to be retrieved from Bow Valley mountains in the last week alone. Kananaskis Country Public Safety Section said that “luckily” none of the incidents involved any injuries but the calls have nonetheless tied …
  • The Perfect Pine Tree Pollen Storm A group of CORE hikers, myself included, headed out to the Bragg Creek area of Kananaskis Country this week to do a a little exploring around the Fullerton Loop trails. As we drove up the valley towards Allen Pond, we noticed that the air seem awfully hazy, and assumed that there must be logging trucks in the area, or maybe just the gusty wind that …
  • Wilderness Emergencies What’s in your pack?  What’s in your plan? Takeaways from CORE’S Wilderness Safety Workshop at Bragg Creek Community Center, April 22, 2017.
    Contributors: Ron Gamp, David vanden Eikhov, Mindy Woolcott

    It’s a mountain hike. Something goes wrong. Could be caused by weather, or an accident on the trail, or a hiker’s asthma attack. Could be caused by a bear. A lightning strike. A landslide. Someone gets lost.
    How …

  • Waterton’s Rowe Lakes/Lineham Ridge Trail Waterton’s Rowe Lakes/Lineham Ridge Trail
    A Must-Do for Calgary Hikers and Scramblers
    By Carol Miyagawa
    Looking for a hike that has almost everything? Outstanding views, incredible flowers, spectacular glacier-fed lakes, lush greenery, and dramatic natural beauty? Then the Rowe Lakes/Lineham Ridge Trail in Waterton Lakes National Park is a must-do hike for you.
    Members of my hiking club, the Calgary Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts (CORE), did this hike several years …
  • Chilkoot Trail Adventure By Longtime CORE Member Carol 
    A trail full of contrasts and contradictions, the Chilkoot in Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park straddles two countries, three eco-systems, and thousands of years of human history. Its flat, undemanding stretches have little resemblance to its challenging boulder pitches. Its rain-prone sections are far removed from the stretches of semi-arid landscape. Travel along its route can involve short, effortless days …
  • WHAT HAPPENED ON MANASLU? Mike Galbraith, mountain safety guru and a long time member of CORE, was the leader of the Canadian Manaslu Expedition in the summer of 1992 – here is his story.
    Manaslu is number eight in the world of peaks over 8000 meters, which means it’s the eighth highest peak in the world. It is in fact 8165 m. (26,788 feet). In terms of oxygen content, the …