November/December 2021 CORE Newsletter

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Executive News

Effective October 27, 2021 a new CORE COVID-19 Rule Has Been Implemented

At a special meeting, the CORE executive passed a motion regarding a new COVID-19 rule. This new rule is effective as of October 27, 2021 until further notice.

As discussed and passed by the CORE executive on October 26, 2021: During these exceptional times and until further notice, all CORE members will be required to be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to participating in all club activities.   

Please note that CORE is not collecting or saving any members medical information.

Winter Safety Event – Burstall Pass – January 16, 2022 – See News and Notes below for more Information.

Members you can now View CORE photo albums and event calendar using your Mobile Smartphone

For mobile Smartphone users, there is a Fotki APP available for Android and IOS users, which allows members to login and view CORE photo albums. Just open the APP store on your phone and search for the Fotki App.

The CORE calendar can be accessed on your mobile phone using website browsing navigation. It is best used for viewing the calendar. Although events may be posted and edited this is best accomplished on your desktop where you have all your planning resources available.

Hiking Apps – Something for Everyone

Ever wondered when technology would reach the backcountry? The good news: it already has. There are plenty of apps and hiking companions that offer navigation and guidance without the need to be connected to WiFi.  Click here for a comprehensive guide.


CORE executive has put in place guidelines and recommendations for trip coordinators, and COVID-19 guidelines for keeping members safe, when participating in CORE activities/events. CORE executive would like to thank all CORE members that put on hikes, bike rides, urban walk’s, etc. for their club members during this unprecedented time.

Fall is now with us. More activities are planned for the coming months. Continue to watch your emails and CORE calendar for activities/events.

Members are encouraged to read the Guidelines “Hiking with CORE in the Time of COVID-19 pandemic.”

If the province of Alberta mandates different requirements, the organization may have to make appropriate changes.  If the situation changes a newsletter with the updated information will be sent to the members.

CORE Photo Album

All CORE members participating in CORE activities are welcome and encouraged to post photos taken on your outings in the CORE website Photo Albums. There are Photo Management instructions on the CORE Guides web page. If you have any trouble uploading your photos, please ask the event coordinator or other experienced CORE member. Some guidelines when posting photos:

  • Post just the highlights of the event
  • No parking lot photos. We should not identify members vehicles
  • Do not post unflattering pictures of other members
  • If you mention a person’s name, use only the person’s first name

Contacting your Executive

CORE has a couple of different purpose-oriented email addresses through which you can contact various executive members. If you have a general question’s about the club, for instance upcoming presenters planned, event, etc, please email us at If it is a question about membership or joining the club, please direct your query to

Remember that our CORE Executive members are volunteers who also have day jobs and a life outside of CORE, so please be patient if it takes a few days to respond to your queries.



Highlights of Activities/Events

Here are a few highlights from the CORE calendar of hikes from September 4, 2021 to October 17, 2021. Please visit the CORE photo albums for more pictures from recent and past activities.


Oct 22 2021 Frisbee Golf North Glenmore Park

Oct 24 2021 Fish Creek Park Urban Hike

Oct 24 2021 Wind Ridge Hike

Oct 26 2021 Nose Hill Urban Hike

Oct 31 2021 Mt Barwell Hike

Oct 31 2021 West Wind Valley Hike

Nov 11 2021 Remembrance Day Walk

Nov 13 2021 Brentwood Art Urban Hike

Nov 19 2021 Snagmore Elbow Loop Hike

Nov 20 2021 Sulphur Mtn Winter Hike

Nov 21 2021 Long Distance Telephone Snow Hair Winter Hike

Nov 25 2021 Sundance Canyon Fenland Loop Winter Hike

Nov 27 2021 Snagmore Elbow Loop Winter Hike

Nov 28 2021 Frisbee Golf North Glenmore Park

Nov 28 2021 Mt Hoffman Winter Hike

Dec 4 2021 Sherbrook Lake Snowshoe

Dec 11 2021 Frisbee Golf Edgemont Park

Dec 11 2021 Xmas Dance Triwood


News and Notes

Winter Safety Day on January 16, 2022 At Burstall Pass Parking Lot

The Friends of Kananaskis Country are presenting a Winter Safety Day on January 16, 2022.

This outdoor event takes place in the Burstall Pass parking lot from 10am to 3.30pm. This free education event will enable you to connect with experts in outdoor safety. From avalanche awareness to satellite communications devices, to what should be in your emergency kit. Plus free Hot Chocolate and Hot Dogs for everyone.

There are 15 presenters confirmed and more are coming. For more information go to The Friends of Kananaskis Country website. Burstall Pass parking lot is across the road from Chester Lake parking lot on the Smith Dorrien Road, #742 in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park:

Friends of Fish Creek Park is offering different events regarding the park’s history, wildlife, archaeology and other events in the park this spring/summer/fall.

Visit Friends of Fish Creek Park event calendar for daily and weekly events.

Friends of Kananaskis Park Event Series:

For more information go to Friends of Kananaskis Park event calendar.

Avalanche Season is here. Check avalanche report in your area before you head out.

Trailhead Parking Security

It has been reported that car break-ins and theft has been happening at trail-head parking lots. Be sure to lock up your belongings and ensure nothing is visible when you leave your vehicle to mitigate the visibility of tempting items for thieves.

Trail Closures and Trail Report Link

Alberta Parks and Banff National Park are urging people to be bear aware. There have been multiple sightings of bears, and other wildlife in the parks. Depending on which park you are in, contact either Alberta Parks (403-591-7755) or Parks Canada Banff office (403-762-1470) if you come in close vicinity of a bear, cougar, elk or wolf.


Adventure Stories

Mud Lake at Burstall Pass looking at Spray Mountains – Commonwealth Peak

Between Every Two Pines is a Doorway to a New World – John Muir

For all CORE members, this spot is for you. If you have a little story to tell about something you’ve seen on a CORE outing, or some article or book you may have read that you would like to share, please send it along and we’ll publish it in the next newsletter. Keep it to a couple paragraphs, and stick to topics related to the outdoors or the environment.


Hither and Yon

Parks Canada K-9 Unit: Rescues Lady Lost at Lake Louise

In this rescue the theme is:

  1. Never doubt your partner, even if that partner cannot speak and is 4-legged!!!
  2. Make sure someone else is aware of where you are hiking and when you should return.
  3. You are well prepared for your hike, in case something goes wrong (extra clothing and equipment, including bear spray).

Leroy, a German shepherd and his handler Logan Bennett were part of a Parks Canada search and rescue effort on November 9, 2021. They were called out, for an overdue hiker at 4pm at Pipestone cross-country ski trails near Lake Louise. They tracked the missing lady for 22 kms, thru rough terrain, blowing winds and snow, and found the lady alive and well at 1.30am on Nov 10th, 2 kms from Skoki lodge.

The lady was well prepared with adequate clothing and equipment but had gone off route and become lost. She had no headlamp. When found, she had been walking from 9am on Nov 9th to 1.30am on Nov 10th. Due to not being able to cross Pipestone River to get too a nearby warden cabin, another parks rescuer who was 5kms behind had set up a tent and had a fire going, where they stayed until morning.

After the 12km mark, they were following the woman’s tracks up a mountain in deep snow thru a forest of thick trees. On one of Bennett’s passes of that area, Leroy was intent on pulling him in one direction. Quoted from Bennett “He was looking at me like I was stupid. We went in and we backtracked a bit to make sure we had not missed something.” “When I came back to where he was paying a lot of attention too, the trail was really obscured, the trail had gone under and around the tree, but on the other side, sure enough, her trail was right there.”

Park Rescue Dogs

The biggest advantages of having Leroy as part of the Parks Canada team is that he provides significant capability while requiring few resources to operate. Together with Bennett (Leroy’s dog handler) they can do the work of a much larger human only search team which is particularly useful while working in avalanche terrain. The two of them can be put onto a slop and they do not have to put others in harms way.

Work includes tracking and searching for missing people (land or water), locating victims in avalanches, searching for and apprehending suspects and providing backup to park wardens in high risk law enforcement calls.

A Little about Leroy:

Leroy is a sable coloured German shepherd, trained as a general duty police dog by the RCMP. Leroy is good at tracking, picking up and following trails that can include broken branches, bent grass or ground cover as well as particulate matter, like hair and dead skin. He can also follow a person’s scent carried in the air, leading the search team directly to the missing person. And he can identify and track and consistently pursue it. Bennett stated d”He will never stop.”

Leroy and Bennett are the only Parks Canada K9 team in Canada and are located in the Banff National Park but serve all the National Parks surrounding Banff.

A reminder of every member’s responsibility to keeping yourself and your fellow hikers safe, during this unprecedented time.

Six feet/two metres Social Distancing requirement by AHS and CORE guidelines

Every member in this photo is a minimum of six (6) feet/two (2) metres apart, for social distancing guidelines.


Bring a mask in case you cannot social distance – 6 feet/2 metres, or you need to go into an indoor area and even for use in the parking lot area.

Stay six feet/2 metres for social distancing when hiking and other events. Also, at rest breaks and lunch.

Remember, This Too Shall Pass!!

Have Fun and Stay Safe!!!