February was a successful month of winter activities on our CORE Calendar. There were 3 snowshoe trips, 2 XC ski outings, 2 hikes and various urban walks. We are fortunate to have some combined Calgary Ski Club/CORE ski and snowshoe events posted on our calendar. If you see these, book early, as they fill up fast.

As you can see, there was quite a range of activities of for all levels of skill. Why not come out and join in the fun in March!

CORE Activities Feb 2016

Some February Highlights

February 2016 Club Meeting

The February meeting featured a presentation by Cathie and John discussing their hiking/canoeing trip to Tweedsmuir Park in BC. An excellent show. We also had a short presentation by our esteemed Chairman Mike on mountaineering safety. Lesson taken away: always have a spare handle for your ice pick!!

March 2016 Club Meeting

Tuesday March 29, 2016 – 7 p.m.

Join us at the Scarboro Community Hall, 1727 – 14 Ave SW. The presentation for the evening will be:

Kananaskis Country Trails

Bridge over Ribbon Creek

Bridge over Ribbon Creek

Featuring a presentation on Kananaskis Country Trails by James Cieslak, Trails Coordinator for Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.


Avalanche danger is still “considerable” at high levels, moderate at lower areas, so continue to take care in the back country. Check the Avalanche Canada website before you venture out.


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Revelstoke Weekend August Long Weekend

Fri. Jul. 29 to Mon. Aug. 1 (3 nights).

 Glacier House Resort, Revelstoke (10.5 kms north of Revelstoke along Columbia River)


Summary: (Complete information is posted on the CORE Calendar)

There are various accommodations available including a large 6-bedroom hostel, several cabins and the main lodge. Two of the smaller cabins are booked so far, as well as 3 of the 6 rooms in the large group cabin are spoken for. You are urged to book a cabin/room soon as this is the only accommodation and we do not believe there is anything else around it. As you can cancel without penalty (see below) up to 8 days in advance, you should book even if you are not certain. Also there are limited smaller cabins and only 1 large group cabin (hostel style).

If you are one person interested in attending but want to get other people before booking a cabin, please let Cheryl know and she will contact you when other(s) also let her know, then someone can book a cabin.

For more information about booking accommodation or on the hikes already planned, please visit the CORE event calendar.

CORE Trip Photos

WELL DONE CORE trekkers! Most of the outings from last month were accompanied by some post-event photos. Keep ’em coming.

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