Since the CORE August newsletter was issued 2 days ago, we have ten new subscribers to the CORE Blog (up from 12 to 22), with a few questions and observations as noted below.

Q1. What does the email notification when a new Blog article is posted look like?

A1. You should receive an email from SpecificFeeds with the Subject field “CORE Society – New Message”.

Q2. How often should I receive a notification email?

A2 The depends on whether you selected “Newspaper (1 email per day) or “Single emails”. (the latter will cause an email message to be send on-the-hour whenever a blog article is posted)



Subscription Parameters

Subscription Parameters

Q3. What should I see in the body of the email message?

A3. That depends on the subscription parameters you have set. If you have selected “The entire stories” or “Only the message headlines (which are links to the full stories)”.

Q4. What if I don’t see an emails coming in from SpecificFeeds?

A4. Check your SPAM or Junk Mail folder. Depending on your level of  security, your Blog alerts my end up there.

A5. What if I still can’t find it?

A5. It’s a mystery. If you are a CORE club member, please contact a member of the CORE executive (Webmaster or Communications Coordinator), and we’ll try to figure it out.

Thanks to you all for your participation. My hope is that over the next few months (and Newsletters), we’ll have good proportion of CORE members subscribing to the Blog. In a survey done last year by our Webmaster, around 40 members indicated interest in receiving the monthly newsletter. So I would expect a similar number of subscribers. Let’s see if we can beat that number, folks.

Best regards;

Your CORE Exec Communications Coordinator