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Welcome to CORE. Organized in 1999, we are a smaller club of active members of varying ages. Our primary activities are hiking and snowshoeing, though we also have active participation in scrambling, urban walks, cycling, skiing, camping, and social events.


Monthly Meeting: Thurs. Oct 30, 7 PM, "Old Firehall" (1111 Memorial Dr. NW). Back door, upstairs. Presentation: Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (A.A.R.C.S) will share the work they are a part of--and their furry friends they work with everyday! This program entails rescuing animals and placing them in the safety of our foster home network while awaiting suitable placement in permanent adoptive homes.

CORE members: If possible, please bring to the meeting 1 or more of “wish list” items that AARCS needs to keep their shelter running. Please see event details for wish-list .

CALENDAR Format changes: There have been some changes to the 'BrownBear' calendar service: e.g. Date format is "Year-Month-Date" (e.g. "2014-10-30" for October 30, 2014), and now uses 24-hour time (e.g. 17:30). Plus some other formatting changes.
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